Google Chrome – Time for a refreshing dip in the cesspool!

I love blogs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love blogs -especially blogs where I can learn from someone else’s mistakes!!!

Today, my love and heartfelt affection goes out to the SEO 2.0 blog. Now I know that downloading the New Google Browser is a Bad Idea.


Thank you for diving headfirst into the cesspool that is Chrome!

I feel very, very WISE right now because I’m learning from someone else’s mistake, which appears to be an apt description of the new Google Chrome browser – a mistake.

In 10 Scariest and Most Annoying Facts about Google Chrome I learned that Google Chrome will make changes to my registry file and they’re sketchy about what they’re going to do with the information they obtain from gaining access to my computer.

Because of a blog, I personally can avoid taking a shit bath in the cesspool that is Google Chrome!

Patrick over at Spinning Silk wrote in the post What browser are you using? that he would be tuning in to the Google Chrome announcement.  I’m sure that Patrick didn’t see any of the things the SEO 2.0 blog pointed out during Google’s sales pitch for the new browser.

That’s the beauty of Web 2.0.  Go ahead… make your pitch.  Spin it any way you like.  Once people begin USING the product, the truth WILL come out.

Personally, I’ll stick with Firefox.  It ain’t broken and as such I don’t need to “fix” it by adopting Chrome.

What browser are you using?  Have you tried Chrome?


  1. Of course I remain using Firefox as my main browser. I wish a lot more people did too or at least thought about alternatives than what they slap on your computer when you buy it.

    Of course I’m a Mac user by default so I tested out Google Chrome in my virtual machine. Speaking of that I have been seriously considering changing my personal duties within my own company so I can be Windows free. About the only time I use Windows is to check a site out in IE (which I don’t do a lot of that myself – someone else does) or to convert or read some file someone thought would be a good idea to create in Microsoft Publisher which has not easy way to open on the Mac.

    It is interesting that webkit (what both Safari and Chrome) are based on seems to have a superior rendering engine in terms of speed yet I have a very minimal desire to use either Safari or Chrome on a regular basic except of course for my iPhone.

    I will however continue to tell out this stuff because I did need to know the pros and cons. Thankfully I did have a testing environment.

    All that being said, I’m not a big fan of the registry in Windows anyway not to mention the way IE is rooted to the OS. One reason I have suggested people check out the alternatives.

    Patricks last blog post..What browser are you using?

  2. Hi Kathy – it’s brilliant that we can avoid bad products by reading other people’s reviews isn’t it? I was another who didn’t download chrome – I like firefox and I’m keeping it.

    Stuart heard a radio talk with an ex Google employee. He was saying that Chrome is not a good product and the new browser Microsoft are bringing out is actually better. I would hate to think how Google will use the info they collect. I have aol email but I get so much spam in there. If I search a particular product on Google, seconds later my inbox is full of spam on the same topic.

    According to Stuart, the ex Google employee in the radio interview said it is Google that is responsible for this spam in my AOL inbox. So, I’m keen to avoid allowing Google to have any more of my details.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..Reaching Over The Fence

  3. @Patrick
    Stop it!!! I’m trying REALLY hard not to abandon ship and board the good ship MACINTOSH! You’re not helping!!

    @ Cath
    I absolutely ADORE being “behind” the pack when the leaders are getting a mouthful! I too use Firefox and like Patrick, only load up MSIE when I’m making sure a theme is IE friendly!

  4. @ Kathy: I heard about Chrome but I love Firefox and why fix something that ain’t broken anyway? Good to see though that others made the test and weren’t happy at all.

    Monika Mundells last blog post..Workshops, Zombies And Large Noses