Comments Policy

Comments are what make a blog interesting! I would LOVE for you to share your thoughts via comments on this blog. Most of the BEST content on this blog comes from those who comment here.

Since WordPress blogs ROCK when it comes to getting found on the web, there are a lot of people who are try to “game” the search engines by leaving comments. These comments can only be defined as “spam”… and those comments will not be approved.

Remember, when it comes to leaving a comment – the name of the game is to add VALUE to the discussion at hand!

If you haven’t read the post, don’t try to comment. With that in mind, the following comments won’t be approved as a general rule:

  • Comments that do not include a valid email address
  • Comments that add little value to the conversation
  • Comments which contain irrelevant links (only submitted to get link juice), like

“Great Post!
I will use it for my web at: (URL).”

  • ANY comment which contains more than one link.
  • obvious affiliate links
  • links to sites that are either currently classified as “bad neighborhood” or soon will be.
  • links to offensive sites (porn, hate, violence, gambling)

It’s my blog and as such, I reserve the right to remove the link to your site when I’m approving the comment. (This blog is set up so if I haven’t approved a comment from you previously, your comment will be held “in queue” for manual approval.)

As a rule, I will approve comments which take issue with what I’ve said as long as they contain a real email address. Don’t flame me and then give “bite-me @ yousuck . com” as your email address. It doesn’t matter HOW pithy or humorous your comment is, if you don’t have the stones to provide a real email address with your flame, the comment won’t be approved.

Also, I won’t approve troll style comments. If your sole purpose is to upset others, you’ll have to find another venue to get your kicks.

Feel free to disagree… just do it in a nice polite manner. Just because you can’t see my face or the faces of the other readers of this blog doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings too. Observe the Golden Rule: Leave comments here that you’d like to see appear on YOUR blog as well!