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Kathy HendershotVirtual Impax was founded by Kathy Hendershot in 1997 .  Prior to launching Virtual Impax, Kathy spent more than a decade in various roles working with business owners helping them to create powerful marketing messages.  Her career spans from working as an account executive with an advertising agency that targeted high growth businesses to the more “family friendly” roles  in media sales and eventually sales management.

This extensive experience in traditional advertising and marketing has impacted the way she views the web and social media.  Instead of viewing marketing your business through the single focus lens of the internet – Kathy instead works with business owners to determine the most effective way to reach new customers – on and off the web.

Kathy believes that in order to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, business owners must place a high value on creating trust with consumers.   Buzz words like “branding”and “TQM”are really just ways to try to measure and quantify the level of trust consumers have established with your business.

Traditional old fashioned” advertising is just a one way conversation from your business to the consumer.  While the “new and improved” social web allows you to add another dimension to these conversations – it’s critical that you’re open to hearing what consumers have to say.

When you know what’s important to your customers, creating products and marketing messages that get them to buy those products becomes literally simple and intuitive.

For over two decades, Kathy has worked with business owners on creating more business for their business.  She started doing that back in the days before the web and has continued to stay on the cutting edge of new ways technology can help business owners make a real connection with consumers – one that transcends “interaction” and shows results where it counts – on the bottom line.

Forming connections with consumers has ALWAYS been the key to marketing success. Technology hasn’t changed the need to connect – it’s just given you more options to do so.

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