About Virtual Impax

Virtual Impax  is a  consulting firm which combines strategy, research, ideas and guidance to help clients get the most from their marketing both on AND off the web.  Virtual Impax was founded in 1997 by Kathy Hendershot-Hurd, a marketing professional with extensive experience creating marketing messages that deliver results.

Kathy helps business owners answer the most important question of all,

“How can my marketing -on and off the web –  help me to achieve my business growth goals?”

Launching a blog is a great foundation for your online marketing- but it is important to remember that there isn’t any “magic” in the software that runs the business blog.  Far too many business blogs populate the web still displaying the “Welcome to WordPress” message as the sole post.  If there’s any “magic” to be gained by blogging for your business, that magic lies in your marketing message.

What sets Virtual Impax apart from virtually every other social media marketing consultant on the web?

Unlike many new media consultants,  Kathy’s extensive real world experience in traditional media and advertising gives her a unique perspective of the role social media plays in your marketing strategy.  She doesn’t overlook other forms of media which may be better messengers for your business.

There is no one size fits all prescription for creating an effective marketing strategy.  

If you’re a business owner and you want to learn more about how to effectively build your business using cutting edge technologies, contact Kathy.