Google Chrome – Time for a refreshing dip in the cesspool!

I love blogs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love blogs -especially blogs where I can learn from someone else’s mistakes!!!

Today, my love and heartfelt affection goes out to the SEO 2.0 blog. Now I know that downloading the New Google Browser is a Bad Idea.


Thank you for diving headfirst into the cesspool that is Chrome!

I feel very, very WISE right now because I’m learning from someone else’s mistake, which appears to be an apt description of the new Google Chrome browser – a mistake.

In 10 Scariest and Most Annoying Facts about Google Chrome I learned that Google Chrome will make changes to my registry file and they’re sketchy about what they’re going to do with the information they obtain from gaining access to my computer.

Because of a blog, I personally can avoid taking a shit bath in the cesspool that is Google Chrome!

Patrick over at Spinning Silk wrote in the post What browser are you using? that he would be tuning in to the Google Chrome announcement.  I’m sure that Patrick didn’t see any of the things the SEO 2.0 blog pointed out during Google’s sales pitch for the new browser.

That’s the beauty of Web 2.0.  Go ahead… make your pitch.  Spin it any way you like.  Once people begin USING the product, the truth WILL come out.

Personally, I’ll stick with Firefox.  It ain’t broken and as such I don’t need to “fix” it by adopting Chrome.

What browser are you using?  Have you tried Chrome?