When “work” is fun – more “work” gets done.

social-media-marketing-1The Wall Street Journal is launching their own social networking site – placing it in DIRECT competition with the existing business social networking site LinkedIn.

Jason Alba hilights in his post The LinkedIn Killer: Wall Street Journal takes a STAB at it how slow LinkedIn has been to embrace the true “spirit” of social networking sites.

I know from my own personal experience on LinkedIn that there really isn’t much to entice me to visit the site.  The messages from the site are such boring updates as “So and so has updated his/her profile pic.”

I’m sorry -but one of my business associate’s latest hair style isn’t enough to tear me away from my busy day to log into LinkedIn.

However, if the WSJ can master what Facebook has already figured out – then the WSJ Connect will be a true winner.

What has Facebook figured out?  That when work is fun – more work gets done.

In other words, I use Facebook for SOCIAL NETWORKING.  I communicate with others there.  I laugh – I cry – and I’ve gotten more than a few referrals because of my partiicpation there.

But I’ve NEVER gone there to “work”. I’ve never made the mistake my former client made when she trashed her reptuation on Facebook.   I’ve always gone there to “play” and have fun.  It’s just a nice “side benefit” that some work happens there as well.

All work and no play makes LinkedIn a loser of a social networking site in my book.

Actually – I have to take that back.  A LACK OF TECHNOLOGY makes LinkedIn a loser social networking site in my book.

See, I did use LinkedIn for a while.  I did post questions – I did answer questions.  However, I had to be LOGGED IN to see the questions and the answers displayed.

LinkedIn NEVER drew me in with an addictive and fun game like Facebook has.  I’ve never thrown Mardi Gras beads or given 80’s fashions or sent someone a drink there.

Facebook knows what LinkedIn and the Wall Street Journal need to learn – and quickly –

When work is fun – more work gets done.

In the movie “The Shining” – Wendy finds out how much “work” her husband Jack has been putting into writing his novel.

So it appears that all work and no play makes Jack go on a killing spree with an ax.  Fortunately, when it comes to social media sites – all work and no play just leads to a slower and less bloody demise.


  1. Kathy, you’re really making me think about Facebook and I don’t have the time for another social networking site. Please stop it! 🙂 I agree about LinkedIn. I have an account there and I haven’t logged in for many weeks. Nor am I interested to. It is very dry; lacking in the “connection factor”. Sure there are lots of “connections” but no REAL connections.

    Enjoyed the clip from the Shining, though I was terribly disappointed that I didn’t get to see Jack step out of those shadows. He’s one of my top five male actors.

  2. LinkedIn have been making a huge effort to become more fun – they added several Facebook-inspired features – but I agree, it’s not really working for them.

    Still, most of my real-life connections prefer to network on LinkedIn and see Facebook as “all play.”
    .-= Vered – Blogger for Hire´s last blog ..Value of Social Networking =-.

  3. Davina – Facebook can be a real “time suck” – especially if you’re having fun with people you like there.

    Vered – Maybe that’s my “problem” with LinkedIn – it’s too “formal”. (Or maybe it’s just NOT working for anyone else either!)

    When I was working in sales, we were FORCED to go to Chamber of Commerce “networking” functions. I always HATED the stiff -“formal” networking atmosphere at those things. A bunch of business owners – all passing out their business cards and delivering their elevator speeches. UGH!! Way too “desperately seeking” for my taste.

    Meanwhile, put me in the bleachers of a little league game and I can strike up a conversation with anyone – and discover quickly if they’re a “candidate” for my services. If not, I can still have an enjoyable conversation and not feel like I’ve been standing on a street corner – in clear hooker heels, a tube top and a mini skirt.

  4. thisd all boils down top the fact that people like ‘natural’ connections rather than forced ones. Facebook is predominately there for social reasons, and when you’re on it perhaps your guard is down (so to speak) and you are more responsive to business ideas and suggestions because you’re not in the mindset of thinking someone else is touting for business. Linkedin in the opposite, which is why many people feel it isn’t as effective.

    When you least expect things, is when you remember them!
    .-= Amelia Vargo´s last blog ..Search Engine Optimisation – Diagnosis Website! =-.

  5. Hi Kathy – I’m trying a little harder these days on LinkedIn – Pete agrees with you that the site is “too much like work” (his favorite line about anything that’s not rewarding or cooperative). But I’m having way more fun on FB – some might say too much. I’ve been availing myself of wisdom from Chris Brogan and other social media mavens, too. What I seem to be evolving toward is a mix that feels “right.” And that includes being mindful of precious time.

    I’m a little disconcerted by the trend of making a Ning or other compound site for every social cause or interest these days, too. You just can’t spend a lot of time at every store in the Mall of America – which is why I park near Nordstrom and bop in and right out again.

  6. Ameila – you’ve hit the nail on the head once again. The key is NATURAL connections.

    Betsy- I’m with Pete- I hate anything that “feels” like “work”…. and there’s no such thing as “too much fun”!

    Love your analogy of Mall of America and social media “causes”. When you know Nordstrom has what you need – why wander the mall?

    Time – precious time!

  7. First of all, my husband and I LOVE the Wall Street Journal.

    And funny, I just signed up with LinkedIn a few weeks ago, mostly for an inbound link tho. Is that so wrong?

    I feel actually HemmedIn by LinkedIn, such a closed system. That’s why Twitter is cool, it’s so open-ended, how can other social sites really compete?

    FB I like for keeping up with relatives and actual friends I’m far away from — and getting all those beads and beers.

    Ahh, The Shining, I’ve seen it quite a few times.

    And what?! You don’t want to know that I just permed my bangs??

    redruuuuuummm. 🙂
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last blog ..Funny SEO Keyword Searches, 4 =-.

  8. Kathy,

    I can’t even remember if I ever signed up for LinkedIn. There was a time when I a social network service groupie and signed up for everything, including Plaxo, which still sends me messages:~)

    I agree with you about Facebook and being careful what you say. When I started using FB, I was too open about the people I friended (is that a word? if not, it is now) and paid the price when I had someone start sending me strange messages. Fortunately, he accepted when I wrote and asked him to stop. I’m much more careful now:~)
    .-= Sara´s last blog ..Who is Your Target Audience? =-.

  9. You can unfriend someone, can’t you??? That’s what I make my daughter do on her FB when strange people show up, and she can’t account for where they came from. Not being a very social person to begin with, I’m afraid I may never “get” the social networking bit. Blogs are better 🙂
    .-= Carol | Stress Eating´s last blog ..Are You Hungry For Something More Than Food? =-.

  10. Jannie- LOL! That Redrum wouldn’t be pointed MY way if you permed your bangs!

    Sara – I would say, the biggest WARNING sign for LinkedIn is that someone – like you – says they don’t REMEMBER if they signed up. That’s a scary comment on the LinkedIn brand.

    Carol – you can “unfriend” someone. (My, we’re either driving Webster- Miriam nuts or they’re taking notes for the new words to add to the dictionary – friended and unfriend.) I don’t think you can “unlink” at LinkedIn though.

  11. Hi Kathy – I know what you mean. I joined LinkedIn a long time ago and that was about it – nothing inspired me to go back. Facebook is so much more fun.

    I do spend way too much time on Facebook though – I love looking through people’s pictures and listening to videos they recommend and stuff. I have given up playing all the games though – aside from the Mafia Wars now and again.

    As for weird people – Facebook are pretty good if they get too nasty. This awful girl left a really horrid message on my stepson’s profile – she even suggested that he commit suicide. My husband reported it and it looks like they’ve removed her profile already.

  12. Cath – Facebook is GREAT about “policing” their neighborhoods – and they should be. MySpace is a real mess these days. Whether it’s because there’s too many ads – or not enough “intervention” – my former MySpace addicts around here are getting fewer updates over there.

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