The Power of the Blog

I love blogs… WordPress self hosted blogs in particular. Like any great love affair, there are ups and downs.

The down side…Wordpress has announced version 2.6 is released today. UGH! I’m currently installing 2.6 on my “test” blog EZ Marketing Tool. I’ll soon know what works and what doesn’t in WordPress 2.6. The frequent updates are a downer for me because I not only have to bring my blogs up to speed but also roughly 100 other blogs as well.

On the up side though, there are several blogging stories out there to make the minor inconvenience of frequent updates seem minor in comparison.

Isn’t that the way a great love affair works? Sure there’s a pinch of G&A (grief and aggravation), but that pinch of G&A just adds a level of texture and flavor to the 101 things that are great about the relationship. (I’ll have been been married for 24 years this December 1, so my G&A thresh hold is obviously very, very high!)

Micheal Martine begins the singing the praises of blogging hit parade with his post How I Brought My Business Back from the Dead with Blogging.

I’m quote Ben Yoskotiz so often, I don’t have to check on how to spell his name lately (grin). Yet, here he is again with his story of how he was Quoted in The New York Times – The Power of Blogging.

To that I’ll add the story of my own client.  Janet Simpson is an AMAZING woman who has truly “been there, done that.”   She’s a lifestyle coach who survived a car crash against the odds.  Her tale of survival is documented in Junkyard Janet.  About six months ago, Janet decided to convert her static website Nourish Your Life to a self hosted WordPress blog. This week, film crews are visiting Janet at her home to document her tale of survival against the odds.

One of the things that fuels my love affair with blogs is how search engine friendly they can be.  Ben found that an article he posted over a year ago was the source of his claim to fame in the NY Times article.  The title of the post probably matched the exact search terms the NY Times reporter was using to find information.

Janet’s blog includes this line on her about pager which probably included the keywords A&E researchers were using to find stories for their series:

Life took an unexpected turn when a car accident/miracle changed everything.

What story do you have to share?   Share your story here.


  1. Kathy, thanks for including me in this. I hope your readers like what they find at my site. That story about Janet is truly amazing!

    Michael Martine’s last blog post..Are Your Blog Visitors Readers or Prospects?

  2. Janet’s story is truly amazing. I agree she is AMAZING! And the power of blogging is really amazing as well.

    Michaeline Raczka’s last blog post..The ?Present ? Moment

  3. Hi Kathy – I always dread when WordPress brings out these upgrades and I usually wait until other people have installed it and they iron out any glitches.

    Wasn’t that post by Michael great? I’m off to read Janet’s story now – it sounds really interesting. Thanks.

    Cath Lawson’s last blog post..The Everlasting Gift That Costs Nothing

  4. Cath,

    I know. That is a “service” I provide to my clients. I test the newest version and help to find the bugs.

    So far in 2.6, the image uploader is buggy, permalinks are bad if you’re on a Windows server (thankfully, I’m not) and I’m having trouble getting comments approved with the Comment Luv plugin.

    Even with all the “strife”, WordPress is still the best out there.