Blogs for Business – The Never Ending Story

In 1984 – the tale of a boy who steals a book called The Neverending Story” was brought to life on the movie screen.  In the movie, the book magically transports the boy to the fantasy world of Fantasia where a dark force called “The Nothing” threatens it’s existence.  In the end – the boy’s mere wishes banish the dark forces from not only Fantasia but also in the “real” world as well.

Two decades later – it takes more than mere wishes to banish the dark force of “The Nothing” from your business web presence.

A few years ago – I began introducing business owners to a new type of web presence for their business – a business blog.  These business blogs were great for businesses on so many levels.  Because of the flat site architecture imposed by the blog – the search engines have an easy time getting around inside the site to index the content.  Because content is easy to add – updating and adding new tasty “spider food” for the web bots is a snap.

Yet even though business blogs are great marketing tools for business owners,  I still recieve constant “push back” from business owners when it comes to launching a business blog.

A recent conversation gave me fresh insight as to the “why” behind the push back regarding business blogs.  This prospective client had a vision of her business web presence as a “finished” product.  She thought of her web site like a movie – a movie on VHS – with a definite beginning, middle and end.  She didn’t want the visitor to have the option available on DVD’s to “select a scene” – she wanted the visitor to read the opening page followed by the next page in the navigation menu, and so forth.

It’s nice to dream – and it’s nice to wish.  However, wishing and dreaming won’t change the way things REALLY work on the web.

The way it really works on the web is that every page of your web presence is a potential “entry” page.  If your web presence were to take the form of a house –  every room would have a door which leads outside but no windows.  Second story rooms would also have doors which lead outside – although in the words of ancient Saturday morning cartoons, “Watch that first step – it’s a loo loo.”  Those precarious second story rooms would be pages that are more than 1 click from any other page.  Internal links on your site are the interconnecting hallways which allow visitors to navigate your site without going “back” outside.

Admittedly – this doesn’t sound like an appealing physical structure for your business – but online this is “reality.”   Any attempts to block those doors to the outside and “funnel” visitors through the site according to your plan will only result in the dark force of “The Nothing” taking over your site.

The key to a healthy, wealth producing business website is to be constantly creating new rooms for visitors -and search engines alike – to explore.  If each page on your business website is a room – then your goal should be to set up a table in the center of that room – and provide cookies, finger sandwiches and a wide assortment of beverages you know your visitors will enjoy.

Which is why – blogs make such a GREAT foundation for your business web presence – especially if you’re a small business owner.  Your business blog allows you to create new rooms at will for your business home on the web.  If you discover a new customer base – you simply start creating new content on your business blog – creating new rooms filled with tasty morsels loved by humans and search spiders alike.

As for the client who wanted to create a static web presence with only one way in – think of what would happen in the “real” world if a room was devoid of light and the only way in or out was through an inner hallway.  As for the once tasty morsels on the tables in the various rooms – well, since those won’t be consumed by either search engine spiders or visitors – they won’t be tasty morsels for long.

Your blog for your business allows you the opportunity to easily create lots of compelling content for prospective clients/customers.  Admittedly – business blogging is like writing the Neverending Story – but the good news is that the more content you create – the more tables you set out for prospective customers/clients who visit your business blog  a.k.a. web site.


  1. Hi Kathy – I love the comparison with The Neverending Story. Getting folk to think in terms of web pages can be bloody difficult. I still see a lot of long established websites with a “home page”.
    .-= Cath Lawson´s last blog ..4 Stupid Bucket List Mistakes To Avoid =-.

  2. Amara Ukaigwe says:

    This is a very good article. It is quite important for companies to build a rapport with their customers and maintaining a company blog is an excellent way to do this.

    Customers need an open communication channel and along with a blog most companies should try and establish a social media presence.

    We maintain a company blog to not only drive traffic but also connect with our customers

  3. Cameron@franking says:

    Hello Kathy,

    Nice post. We can’t deny the fact that internet business is now at its peak. So whether you own a small business or selling products as an affiliate, it is important to set up your own blog or website in order to reach your target consumers. Social media marketing along with website optimization can make a huge difference in your business.

  4. At the end of the day, connection, interaction ~these are the values that will stick out .Indeed, it’s an endless story… So don’t sweat it, have fun as you write with your heart.

  5. A hearty AMEN to your comment Lisa.

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  8. Very compelling article, and I enjoyed some of the analogies you made. My only concern, is where you said “blogs make such a GREAT foundation for your business web presence – especially if you’re a small business owner.”

    What about larger organisations, and in particular, those servicing corporate clients and individuals in senior roles (i.e. directors, partners etc.)? Is blogging less beneficial for such firms, due to the nature of their business?

  9. IMHO – the only business that would not benefit from a business blog would be the business that wants to “hide” from their customers. The reason I state that blogs are an exceptional tool for small business owners is that small business owners face the catch 22 scenario of limited time and limited resources. The fact that they can’t afford to have a dedicated person or team devoted to maintaining their online presence makes business blogging VERY attractive for them.

  10. Earn or for business form a blog site, need patient. Never think like that an blog can make $$$ in couple of days. It can boost earning but need to heard works and take your time.

    Thank you