If it ain’t broken, PLEASE don’t fix it!

I am seething with rage right now and the object of loathing is Gmail!!! Recently, the Google gods decided to “improve” Gmail – and right now, I’m regretting using the service.

I don’t know who I’m more angry with at the moment – Gmail for “fixing” something that wasn’t broken or my stupidity (and blatant disregard of my own “standards”) for expecting something of value for nothing.

The new Gmail interface – to put it politely – SUCKS!!!!

I’ve composed the same email THREE TIMES over the past 90 minutes.  I’ll be in the middle of composing this same email and suddenly the screen will “refresh” and my reply will be GONE!!! Admittedly, I’m multi-tasking.  I’ve got 5 other things going at once so the reply is happening in “spurts” –  but still – COME ON GMAIL!!!

The first two times it happened, I tried to tell myself that my Higher Power wanted me to revise this email.  Maybe that’s still the case. I’d love to hear your two cents on this situation.

Is this my Higher Power protecting me from myself?

Here’s the deal: I’m actively seeking guest blog posts for a new blog I’ve launched: Divorce Recovery Advice.

(If you’re a coach who specializes in divorce recovery,  consider yourself invited to guest post on the blog.)

The blog is REALLY new and yet it’s already getting some nice SERPS on a couple of desirable keyword terms.

Today I got a GREAT post from a divorce coach.  This woman is a NATURAL born communicator and in the course of just one blog post, she had no trouble gaining my trust.  She knows her stuff and it SHOWS!  It’s a GREAT guest post – so, I head over to her website to grab a head shot to include in her author’s bio box. (This guest post is scheduled to appear later in the month – thanks to WordPress’ ability to schedule posts to publish in the future!)


Oh my – what a DISASTER!  Her website F-UGLY.  However, the good news is that according to Alexa – no one is seeing it anyway.

Remember – my first impression of this woman was her guest post.  Her guest blog post was great – and her website is BAD!

Here’s my dilemma –

I can help and she obviously NEEDS my help.  However, she didn’t ASK for my assistance.

It was the email to her to tell her when her guest blog post will “air” on the blog that I have lost 3 times.

On the one hand, I could invite her to be a repeat guest poster  to my blog.  She would be building content on my blog and putting Adsense money in my pocket.  I could tell myself that she would benefit because my blog after 6 weeks is doing MUCH better traffic wise than her website.  However, if someone clicks through, they’re not going to stick around.

On the other, I could offer to help her.   Which is the horns of my dillemma.  She didn’t ASK for my help – and I’m afraid that offering to help might cast my invitation to guest blog as a filthy marketing whore tactic.

What would you do?


  1. Google is The One And Only TRUE GOD, just so you know.

    It HAS been acting weird lately, comments to friends’ blog don’t post, arrrg.

    Ah, internet I live in fear, well not that much fear, but I do wonder will there come a point when the whole internet just up and blows. (Life of Brian – or is it The Meaning Of Life… One More Wafer!) I don’t know how it all keeps running anyhow. Reminds me of Christmas Vacation when Griswold put just one more chain of lights on and the whole thing about blew up all of Chicago’s. I think it was Chicago?


    As to Divorce, I’d not be a good poster. At all.

    As to the lady who’s site is not up to where it should be for you, I would have her just as a guest-poster. Hey, a lot of us are out here working really really hard on our sites, reading ProBlogger et al and getting it done right. Let the cream rise, as it will, as shitty as that may sound.

    (My Alexa’s at 322, 768 or so. Workin’ it, Baby! Workin’ it.)

    Google, be good!

    Jannies last blog post..Addicted in Austin

  2. Jannie,

    See, YOUR site is built on a SOLID foundation – WordPress!!!

    That’s why your Alexa rank is rising – it just seems to happen “naturally” when you’re writing great content AND using WordPress.

    The coach’s website in question is OBVIOUSLY not built on a solid foundation – but I think your advice is sound. After all, this could easily become a “casting pearls before swine” type of situation for me.

  3. PS –
    Big Cheshire Cat GRIN on the “Google god” vs “Google GOD” debate.

  4. Hi Kathy. What I do…really? Or are you asking for advice? 🙂

    Ok, here is what I would do (and my advice). I would ask yourself how long you could go on NOT talking to her about this (there is your answer). I think it would continue to bug you because a good website is important to you and you see the value in it for her as well.

    I would ask her if she minded you offering her some advice about her website and take it from there. Until then, anything you think about in regards to the outcome of this situation is purely hypothetical.

    Davinas last blog post..25 Words That Connect Us — Frosty Sunrise

  5. Davina,


    In other words, wait until we’ve developed “more” of a relationship!


    I knew it felt “wrong” to “pelt” her with my unasked for advice -but I was struck by how my “perception” of her changed from reading the blog post to visiting the website.

  6. Yes, and you know what might happen? As you develop your connection, she just might ask for your advice anyway by picking up on your focus towards her website.

    Davinas last blog post..25 Words That Connect Us — Frosty Sunrise

  7. But doesn’t she read this blog? Sounds like not.

    Jannies last blog post..How much more of a hint do I need?

  8. Davina,

    Right, as always!


    Most of my readers are NOT my clients. My clients will email me – and then I’ll address their concerns here – HOPING that perhaps one or two are reading this blog. Sigh.