The Search for Quality Content…. Search Engine Journal’s Guest Blogging Contest

This is truly inspired way of promoting a blog!!

The Search Engine Journal has announced that they’re launching a guest blog contest.

The contest means everybody wins.  The Search Engine Journal gets submissions of the best bloggers have to offer. Bloggers get additional exposure for their blogs. The winner will be chosen by a multi-tier process looking at social media voting, reader voting, traffic of the individual posts and links to the posts.

The contest, which offers $9,000 in prizes, will help to build and promote the Search Engine Journal’s blog on many levels.

  • INCOMING LINK BONANZA: Winners will be determined in part by the number of incoming links to the blog. Bloggers who submit articles will be encouraged to create incoming links from not only their blogs, but they’ll also encourage their blogging “buddies” to create links as well. Search Engine Journal wins with an incoming link frenzy.
  • QUALITY CONTENT BONANZA: Bloggers are going to submit their best work which will live forever on the Search Engine Journal blog…. again, content which is generating LOTS of incoming links.

Bloggers who submit work will benefit as well.

  • Bloggers get exposure of their expertise to readers of the Search Engine Journal blog.
  • Bloggers gain exposure for their company or blog. Search Engine Journal will add a bi-line an linnk at the bottom of the post.
  • Bloggers gain long term benefits as the post will be indexed in search engines and housed on the Search Engine Journal authority site.
  • Bloggers gain exposure to the Search Engine Journal’s RSS subscriber base of 15,000+
  • All Entrants Will Receive a $100 VIP Coupon for!

All in all, it’s a GREAT opportunity to gain additional exposure for your blog.  While it’s probably going to do the most good for those who want to speak to the “search engine specialist” audience, they’ve opened the contest up to everyone on any topic.

Read more about it here: SEJ Guest Blogging Competition : Win Over $9,000 in Search Marketing Prizes


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