Logo Design That Your Target Audience Will Love

David Airey is having a contest on his Logo Design Love blog. Since so many of my clients are in the health and self help fields I took interest in his nominations for that category.

David is asking his readers to “vote” on the “best” logo… however, because of my Niche Marketing mindset…. I can’t help but add this note to my clients who read my blog…

blog logoRemember that your “favorite”  design will be influenced by who you are.

For example,  one of my favorite logos on the page is the one for Fatfighters.  I scrolled right by some other lovely designs which got more votes in the comments section.  Since it’s no secret that I am currently embroiled in a battle of the bulge, it’s natural that I would zip right by other great logo designs such as  the ones for Dumb Little Man, Emergiblog and Lift magazine.

Now, this is really important:  As you’re working with a logo developer and you begin to “shop” your designer’s preliminary work around to family and friends… ask yourself “Are these people a part of my target audience?”

Your target audience is the only opinion that counts when it comes to your logo design.

If Aunt Sally and Uncle Dave are in their late 60’s and are NOT members of your target audience…. don’t ask their opinion!!!  It doesn’t MATTER which logo they like unless they are part of your target audience!!!

I once had a client who was “shopping” a business idea around to her family and friends.  Because none of these people were part of the target market for the product, their responses to her were very discouraging.  However, when she began shopping that same idea to her anticipated target audience, instead of responding with a yawn…. members of her target audience replied with an enthusiastic, “How much will it cost and when can I sign up?”

With that in mind… I’m sure that if Janet Simpson of Nourish Your Life were to review the logos featured, her attention would immediately be drawn to the Organic Passion logo because of her passion for organic foods.  Meanwhile, Simeon Pollock of the Wholistic Blog would be drawn to the Fingertips logo.

Logos are the toughest decision any business owner will make because it takes a talented graphic artist to create a compact two dimensional element that effectively speaks volumes about the multi-dimensional business  which it represents.  David Airey is doing a wonderful job of showcasing this ability… and I’d be willing to bet he answers his email as well.


  1. I think David Airey is one of the best designers out there. As a frequent visitor to his website; He generates buzz in the design industry and is very informative with his design process. I believe the general target audience for the logo should be stressed, although personal attachment to the logo does make a company memorable.

  2. A thoughful post for logo designers.

  3. I think Logo must be eye catching cos its first thing that customer sees…!!!