created 700 posts before launch….

Just an FYI for my blogging clients… Wired News has a story on a new blog that launched today….

Annalee Newitz is quoted as saying:

“For blogland, it was a long process; we (first) started talking (about the idea) in March, and got serious a few months later. We’ve been full-board blogging for three months, which is why there are more than 700 posts on the site already.”

I’ve had more than a few clients flip out when I tell them that in my experience, it takes over 100 posts for your blog to “find” it’s voice… and that you can’t expect your blog to do well BEFORE you’ve found your voice.

So often, new blog site owners want the instant “rush” of success.  But it takes time.  Gawker Media (who launched  knows that you don’t send invitations out to see a blog with few if any posts.    Annalee admits in the Wired article:

“At first, I was like, “We should go live right now,” and now I’m actually glad that we waited and honed the posts. “

As you blog along keeping in mind the magic 100 number, keep in mind that had posted 700 posts before they launched.   Now, I’m going to have to keep track of my blog posting numbers and see if there’s even more magic down the road!


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