Is your business “Comcastic”?

I certainly hope not!  Bob Hill of the 2 Texans Down Under blog says:

But now something like that is happening. Just as “going postal” was born and then added to our language, the term “being comcastic” has been coined and launched. One day soon, dictionaries may list this entry: Comcastic – “adj., behaving with insensitivity to and disregard for the interests of customers.”

OUCH!!!  According to Bob’s blog, there are over 350,000 citations of the "Comcast vs the hammer lady" story.  There are also countless others citing "Comcast Customer Abuse".

One of the ways the web HAS changed marketing is that now, when a customer feels disrepected AND they have a blog… they can tell the world about their gripe.  Then, as a business owner, you have one of two options:

  1. Hire an attorney… sue (and lose!)
  2. Make it right with your customer

Part of being in business is customer service.  You can be VERY short sighted and provide "Comcastic" customer service….  or you can keep your eye on the long term goal… remembering that a satisfied customer tells 3 people and a dissatisfied customer (without a blog) will tell15-16.

As Bob says:

Maybe there’ll be a second definition for Comcastic — “willing to delay or deny services to which customers are entitled. (See also ‘imperialistic’)”


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