iPhone Lesson: Yet ANOTHER way to piss off your customers

I’m going to have to create a new category if this stuff keeps up!

Fox news reports that Apple has SLASHED the price of it’s highly touted iPhone a mere 10 weeks after it’s debut.  The $200 price cut has iPhone customers who were part of the less than expected rush hot under the collar to say the least!  The Mac Rumors blog is abuzz with the news, with thousands of unhappy customers venting their frustration in the comments section. 

With comments like: "I’m so ******* pissed off right now.." and " I feel like I just got punched in the face. Fanboy tax indeed."  it doesn’t appear this pricing strategy is winning the appreciation of customers who were loyal enough to the Apple brand to stand in long lines to get the product.

While Steven Jobs claims he wants to "make the phone affordable for everyone"  what he’s done instead is to create a FIRESTORM amongst loyal Apple customers.  Meanwhile, Joe Wickert is wondering why cut the price on the iPhone?  He suggests insteads a much saner pricing schedule where the price CLIMBS after the initial introduction instead of falls!

While controversy is a great way to get a blog noticed, I question that strategy for electronics products!



  1. Thanks for the link and all, but if you re-read my original post you’ll see that I was *not* suggesting that the price go up over time. Rather, I said Apple could have charged a higher price initially, even higher than the price they launched with. I went on to say that they could then reduce the price down the road, as they’ve already done. I totally agree with you that it would be hard, if not laughable, to increase the price structure of a tech product!


  1. […] Take for example, the new iPhone 3 G. The last thing Apple wants is for the public to be reminded of the huge price drop just a few weeks after the original iPhone introduction. As a matter of fact, the original iPhone marketing plan is a perfect example of how to piss off your customers. […]