A tale of three blogs…

Over at Blog Grrll, she tells an amusing tale of three little blogs

Based on the tale of the three little pigs, the author has done a GREAT job of applying the moral of the original story to her new, modern "piglets". 

Basically, the moral to her cautionary tale is the same as the moral to the tale of the original three little pigs: "Hard work pays off later…. laziness pays off immediately!"

When I tell my clients that my blogs don’t reach "critical" mass until 100 posts…. it frightens many of them.  Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 


  1. Which is why people should really enjoy blogging if they are going to do it! I’ve been blogging for years, and it has never crossed my mind to monetize a blog until a month or so ago. Go figure. Thanks for the mention! Cool place you’ve got over here.