Is it time to replace your PC with a Mac?

Dell Warns Customers About Complications From Vista screams the title of a blog post over at Tech Dirt.

I’ve been warning MY clients and customers about the "dangers" of Vista before it was launched.  Bill G et. al. are FAMOUS for releasing software before it’s been properly "debugged" and quite honestly, my clients are NOT the debugging type. 

So, when Dell starts backpedaling and brings back systems which run XP, something’s up.  According to the article at Tech Dirt:

Dell must be fearful that it will suffer if their customers make a major investment into new machines running Vista that doesn’t pan out as planned.

There’s a commercial running lately whose tag line is "people are smart"…. and the message being delivered is basically, if you’re smart, you’ll get your loan from Ditech.  From their web site:

It’s true – people are smart. And it’s the customer’s smart that we respect and strive to live up to; because people know what they want in life. They know what’s best for them and their family. And they know that if we offer competitive home mortgages and smart financial solutions, together, we can make the most of our smart. That is, if we’re smart about it.

Microsoft has NEVER operated with this premise in mind.  It’s almost as if Microsoft’s theory is that people are DUMB.  The thing is, people, in general, have been through this OS upgrade before with Microsoft.  While most don’t remember Windows 3.1 or earlier…. with more and more people entering the market, you have more and more people getting gradually "smarter" about computers.  

Mac has been doing  a WONDERFUL job of defining the differences between Macs and PCs…… unfortunately, while people may be smart, many of us are overworked and overstressed.   Wonder how much of that stress would be relieved if I purchased a Mac. 

Now THAT is the sign of an EFFECTIVE advertising campaign.  Gotta love those Mac ads!!! 




  1. Oh, woe is me!!!!!

    Bought a new laptop a couple of months ago with Vista. (sign of the cross) Beware! Bo Back!

    I had considered a Mac since I am moving more into media work. I think later this year I may send this Vista bomb to my IT son and jump ship.