Your Single Most Important Marketing Tool

When I first started developing web sites for clients, all any web site could do was act as a one way communication tool.  The business owner gave me the marketing message and I wrapped that marketing message in HTML and got it onto the web for them.

Things have certainly changed over the past decade! Today, the conversation on the web is open to all.  You don’t need to be a computer geek to communicate with the world via the web!

Social media has literally transformed the way we use the web.  Now, virtually every new client wants their web site to act as a fully functioning customer/client attraction tool as well as interactive communication tool as well.

In order for your web site -even if it’s a blog –  to act as a fully functioning marketing tool, you’re going to need to put into place a way to gather leads.   Why?  Well – very, very few people make a buying decision the first time they visit a web site, even one as tantalizing as yours.

That’s why it is ESSENTIAL that you install the proper systems to stay in contact with visitors who are interested in learning more about your products or services. An email  newsletter is a GREAT tool to accomplish just that.

I used to install individual piecemeal components to enable clients to achieve what Marketer’s Choice does.  This all-in-one marketing tool that offers an easy to use shopping cart, automatic delivery of digital documents PLUS newsletter and automated email follow up capabilities.

Marketer’s Choice is one of those rare cases when the softer, easier way is the BEST way to go.  They offer s truly a “set it and forget it” solution. Using the links here will get you the first month for FREE!

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