The season of giving

What ever word you’re using to celebrate the winter solstice (we celebrate Christmas at my house),  this is truly a season for reaching out and giving to those who are in need.

There’s something about this time of year that motivates most of us to open up our wallets and give to those in need at this time of year.

In case you’re new here, I love blogs.  It’s my humble opinion that blogs are absolutely the BEST communication tool EVER!  Blogs make it so easy to spread the word whether it’s the word about the terror attacks in Mumbai or spreading the word about how clueless an advertising agency can be when launching a “viral video” to promote pain relief.

Reason number 591 why I love blogs: Because I’ve been made aware of several opportunities for giving during the holiday season thanks to blogs that I might never have known about otherwise.

Cath Lawson shared a way to sponsor a business owner in a developing country in Unique Christmas Gifts for Business Owners.  Meanwhile, Jay Breitlow  of the Journey to Solidarity blog is requesting donations during the holiday season to help bring needed medical care to children in Madagascar.

Then, a few days ago, I got an email from Valerie Johnson over at the A Caregiver’s Journal.  She wrote:

I have presented a challenge on my blog for people to purchase/donate food for elderly people on a fixed income. People can undertake the challenge on their own or they can donate via my blog and I will do the shopping and donate here.

Valerie’s challenge is for you to reach out to feed elderly people on a fixed income.    If you’re not connected in some way to be be able to reach out the elderly who are on a fixed income and struggling to survive, then drop a donation off via Paypal because Valerie has graciously offered to do the leg work for you.

Reason number 592 why I love blogs. I can make a donation, do some good and my ample arse need never leave the padded chair upon which I am planted.

I’ve heard quite a few people complaining lately that it doesn’t “feel” like Christmas.  (It’s not just my fellow Floridian neighbors who are saying this, by the way!)  If it doesn’t “feel” like the holidays at your house, the best cure is to find someone who needs help and reach out to them as Valerie, Cathh and Jay have done.    Trust me, there’s no shortage of people in need.  You’d be surprised how gratifying AND EASY it can be to toss a few dollars from your paypal account to theirs.  It’s one of the few holiday traditions that will still allow you to button your jeans comfortably in a few weeks!

There’s no better way to engender a flaming case of holiday cheer than reaching out and DOING something for someone who needs help.  It’s not only a GREAT time to launch a new business – it’s also a GREAT time to reach out and help someone who needs it!

If you’ve been made aware of a great “cause” that needs help (either financial or a set of willing hands) feel free to share it in the comments!