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quick easy email marketing newslettersYour WordPress blog is a GREAT traffic magnet.  Turn that traffic into gold with  a solid email marketing newsletter!

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “The Money is in the List”… well, it’s true.  I’ve seen HARD evidence of how valuable an email marketing newsletter list can be through several joint venture projects.

During one product launch, the Joint Venture Partner with a list of only a few hundred names earned more than TWICE as much as the blogger with a blog with thousands of RSS subscribers. I have to admit – I was shocked.  After all, it’s a LOT easier to build a list of a 200 subscribers than it is to build a blog with literally thousands of readers… and it turns out – it’s a whole lot more profitable as well.

So you’re asking yourself, “Yeah- well if email marketing newsletters are so great – why aren’t more people using them?”

Quite simply – email marketing newsletters are a royal pain the ass to maintain. They take up a LOT of time and quite honestly, who has time to spare.

Let’s face facts – building a quality email marketing newsletter takes time to build but more importantly – it also takes a consistent, regular investment of time and effort to maintain. 

There is a secret to building a successful email newsletter – something the gurus usually don’t share with their minions.  I haven’t found anyone who shares the quick and easy “secret strategy” to building a massive email newsletter list that you can literally set – and forget – yet it’s a “secret” strategy for all the top level marketing gurus.

Not only will I show you how to set up an email newsletter list that you can “set and forget it” – but this tactic is also the secret sauce you’ll need to use your newsletter to get more clients.

This resource is not a “how to” on the mechanics of setting up your newsletter – rather it’s a strategy guide to creating a selling tool which will enable you to convert your blog’s visitors into paying clients/customers.

quick easy email marketing newslettersPick up this valuable resource for $4.95 and download it instantly so you can get started NOW building a money making email marketing newsletter!

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Oh, be sure to pick up Easy HTML Sidebar Widgets in WordPress to easily set up your newsletter sign up form in your sidebar!

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