8 Week Power Blog Launch

Blogging is all the buzz these days and with good reason.  Not only is blogging easy, but some of the most successful websites on the internet these days are blogs.

If you’ve already launched your blog, you’ve already discovered that your blog did make it EASY to get content onto the web.

But you also discovered there’s more to blogging than meets the eye.

While blogging is easy, creating a successful blog is HARD. Many blogs are quickly abandoned because their owners get frustrated trying to learn all there is to learn about blogging.

Trying to launch a successful blog is like trying to gather the pieces of a puzzle in a scavenger hunt.  You can spend weeks, even months, trying to gather all the pieces you need, but it’s a lot easier if you begin with some corner pieces and a picture of the completed puzzle in front of you.

The 8 Week Power Blog Launch will provide the corner pieces you need to begin assembling your own successful blog.

When you launched your blog, it was probably because you got caught up in the “buzz” about blogging.

  • You’ve probably heard about how EASY blogging can be. (It is!)
  • You’ve probably heard about how having a blog can build your reputation in your field. (It can!)
  • You’ve probably heard about how some blogs seem to have magic Search Engine Attraction powers which catapults articles posted to blogs straight to the top of the search engine results.
    (If you’ve ever struggled trying to get a traditional web site to the top of the search listings… well, then I can understand why it would seem that a blog appears to have some kind of wonderful magic which makes it mysteriously rise to the top of the search engine results.)
  • You’ve probably heard about how some people make a 6 figure income from blogging. (Yes, you can!)
  • You’ve probably heard about how major corporations are launching blogs to communicate with their customers and increase sales.  (They are!)

What you probably didn’t hear is that while blogging is easy, creating a successful blog is HARD.

You can stumble along – and try to pick up the pieces as you go along.  Or, you can take this short cut.

This 8 week program has two components. The first is a 200+ page e-book. In this eBook, I won’t waste your time teaching you how to create a blog or even how to create a blog post. I’m assuming you already know how to do that. Instead, in this program, I’ll spend 56 + lessons teaching you the secrets to blogging success. I’ll teach you:

  • The “worst kept secret” for blogging success. (Day 3)
  • How to easily keep track of hundred of blogs at once so you’ll know what’s going on in the blogosphere (Day 15)
  • The real secret weapon which successful bloggers do automatically. Day 4 will teach you how to replicate this essential “mindset” by creating a simple tool you’ll use to create blogging success. (Day 4 + Day 25 + Day 52)
  • Essential tools you need to create blog posts that draw traffic like a magnet (Days 5, 12)
  • Favicon creation (Day 26)
  • How to set up your blog for success (Day 7,
  • Ways to bring readers BACK to your blog (Day 17)
  • Ways to fix common formatting problems (Day 24)
  • Essential types of posts you need to create to make your blog successful (Days 8, 13, 21,33, 38,44)
  • Secrets to Posting Success (Day 11)
  • How to know when others are talking about you and your blog‘s topic (Day 14)
  • Surprisingly easy promotion techniques YOU can use to promote your blog. (Days 34, 36, 40, 53, 54, 55)

Pick up the 8 Week Power Blog Launch and you’ll get the 238 page ebook with 56 daily lessons PLUS you can also choose to enroll in an 8 week autoresponder “reminder” program to help reinforce your blogging lessons and encourage you to apply each action step to your blog.

How much would you pay for an already successful blog?

The one man blog Bankaholic sold for $15,000,000!!!!  Yes, the zero key didn’t stick on my keyboard.  That blog sold for $15 MILLION dollars less than 2 years after launch!. While that figure is above average, it’s just one example of how VALUABLE a successful blog can be.

Bloggers across the internet have been offered tens of thousands of dollars for even moderately “successful” blogs.  A blog you’ve probably never heard of recently sold at auction for $65,000.  That may seem like a lot of money until you realize how MUCH money a successful blog can generate.  One successful blogger is reporting that she made $12, 246 in a single day as a result of a product she promoted via her blog.  Another blogger reports that he earns $33,359 a month from his blog.

The 8 Week Power Blog Launch Course is now offered exclusively to Acumen Web Services hosting and development clients.