How Badly Do You Want Success?

How badly do you want success? It’s a question that is easily answered for most of us…. with a resounding “OF COURSE I WANT SUCCESS!”  While our WORDS may say we want success, are those words backed up by our actions?

That’s a question asked by Ed Roach over at the Small Business Branding Blog.  He writes:

I had breakfast with a friend recently who wanted to discuss personal branding. They felt that if they determined what their brand was or could be, it would change everything. But the truth is the real problem wasn’t necessarily their personal brand but their passion.

In summary…. the post outlines how Ed’s friend asks “How much?” and Ed replies, “$5 grand.”  Friend reacts: “WHOA! That’s too much!”  Ed then points out that friend recently dropped a similar amount of money on a state if the art massive television.  It’s a matter of perspective.  $5g’s is too much for the friend to spend on crafting a direction for his business but it’s just right for the television of his dreams.

Ed goes on to point out that his friend’s choices clearly illustrate where his passion lies.

Where does your passion lie?  How badly do you want success?

Do you want it badly enough to postpone the purchase of [insert toy obsession here].

I know of a business person who is an AVID boater.  Every free moment is spent on the boat with family or friends.  It took MONTHS for this business owner to “find the time” to launch a web presence.  (An appointment with  me was actually canceled because the weather changed suddenly and this business owner HAD to get the boat out on the lake!)

It took almost three months for that business person to create an About page on the blog.   For that business owner, boating time is a priority… posting content to the blog is not.  This business owner’s words will tell you that success is a high priority… but watching this business owner in action tells you another story.  Just like Ed and his friend in the post above.

Which again brings up the question, “How badly do you want success?”  Do you want it badly enough to give up some time doing something you love?

How about this… do your actions DEMONSTRATE your commitment to success?

By the way, my behavior in the past week is definitely speaking a big fat “NO” to the question above.  I’ve gotten “off track”.  So if this post isn’t hitting you squarely between the eyes… know that it is for me.

How does that saying go…. something about bullshit walking…..