You win some, you lose some

This week I lost a client who has been with me for four years. I’m pretty sure she was surprised at the enthusiasm with which I accepted the termination of my services.

I work with very few large companies.  Most of my clients are solo entrepreneurs and they tend to fall into two categories.

solutionsThe first category are those who understand that the web is just another tool to put to use in building their business, whatever that business may be.  I just got a fan letter from one of those clients the same day.  She’s like a sponge, soaking up every bit of information and hungry for more.  I’m more than happy to oblige.

The second category is comprised of those who expect this whole web thing to work on autopilot for them.

In the termination letter from the client of four years, she informs me that she’s found a web developer who is going to create “a first class HTML web presence”… one that will have her at the top of the search engines for her ultra competitive terms with the only investment being a trade of services.  She’s thrilled that she’s finally going to get the autopilot web site of her dreams and she’s not going to pay a single penny out of pocket.

Oh, but there is a glitch. Could I change the DNS settings on her domain name for her?   (No settings provided…. it’s the hosting account that comes standard with her ISP.)

Anyone reading this who knows how basic changing DNS settings is to the whole “web development” process is rolling their eyes right now.  For those who aren’t familiar with how basic changing DNS settings is in the web development process…. it is like a race car driver not knowing how to buckle his safety restraints.  It is like the concert pianist you just hired to play for your reception asking for help in finding middle C.

I feel for my departing client.  I really do.  I too have to fight the urge… in my case it’s the desire to believe that I really can lose every spare pound of body fat without changing my diet, surgery or increasing my exercise.  However, I fight that urge and instead of pulling out my credit card and picking up the phone,  I lace up my walking shoes and head out the door.

I’ve said it before… there is no such thing as a set it and forget it successful web site.  Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you fat loss without diet, surgery or exercise.