What’s Your Excuse?

During one of the earlier episodes of the television show "Married with Children", the character "Steve" from next door lost his job and was forced to look for another.   Well, Steve decided he liked goofing off MUCH better than he liked working.  However, rather than admitting this fact to his wife Marcy, he instead would tell her he was looking for work when instead he had spent the day at the zoo.  In response to her query about his job search for the day, Steve regales her with the reasons he heard for his supposed "rejections" from potential employers, "I’ve heard it all: too smart, too educated… too good looking!"

I’ve had a couple of people regale me with similar "silly" excuses for their reluctance to get on board with the latest in communication technology.  Whether it’s a posting to a blog or learning to use a cell phone that shoots and sends video messages…. your advanced age is NOT an excuse.  Technology is not just for the young… but it may well be for the young at heart.

Cross Media/Transmedia Entertainment says it best in the post If 91 year old Mavis from Mudgee can do it…