A Really Scary Word: Consequences

A great post over at the Runner’s Lounge in Running Has Its Consequences.

While the word consequences does indeed have a "bad boy" connotation, according to word smyth, the word consequences simply means:

1.    that which follows; result.

2.    the conclusion drawn from a logical argument; inference.

 3.   importance or significance.
       Example :an issue of great consequence.

Whether you’re running, blogging or building a business, your actions (or lack there of) are going to have consequences.  Whether those consequences are pleasant or painful really is decided by YOU.

No one (in their right mind) who is overweight and out of shape is going to sign up to run in a marathon.  Instead, competing in a marathon or triathlon begins as an idea.  Then it moves from being an idea to being a GOAL.  Once it’s a goal, then you begin working towards the goal.

Janet Simpson has blogged about her journey of training for not one, but TWO triathlons.  Janet is a grandmother many times over and actually stopped to kiss and love on her grandson who was there to cheer her on during her first triathlon experience.

Training for a marathon begins with putting on your running shoes.  My oldest daughter said it best when she said, "The hardest part about exercising is putting on your shoes."   I have a pair of shoes that I ONLY wear when I’m exercising.  Whether I’m doing an aerobic weight training work out (it’s been WAY too long since I’ve done one of those) or just walking for a couple of miles in the moring, the shoes go on and I get to work.  When I’m done, the shoes come off.

Walking daily has had measurable "consequences" for me.  Blogging has had measurable consquences for not only the sales of my book, but also for my business.   Just as a runner trains for MONTHS to prepare for a marathon, business professionals who are selling "nothing but air" (a.k.a. their knowledge and services) can use blogging to train for their own marathon experience.  Whether it’s a book deal or an opportunity to provide a keynote address, learning to communicate more effectively is just one of the many positive consequences of blogging.