Latest Google Offering: Google Trends

Creating great content begins with knowing what customers want and Google has just added another service to help YOU write the web content ACTUAL PEOPLE are want to see.

On Monday, Google released it’s newest offering, Google Trends which will help you see the hottest keyword searches on Google.

If you’ve got a blog, this is a MUST SEE site. 

For example, by Wednesday (5.23.07) one of the hot keywords being search for was Google Trends!  If you have a blog or web site that speaks to web developers or bloggers, it makes sense that you should be making a post about Google Trends.

I shouldn’t have to say it, but I will.  If you have a blog or website that deals with web development, blogging on the number one keyword at Google Trends, "singer irene" may get you visitors, but visitors who aren’t interested in what you have to say just burn bandwidth.   Better to blog or create a page around a subject that YOUR potential customers/clients will be using when they are searching for answers.

Note: If your customers/clients are AVID Second Life fans, then maybe you should be blogging about singer irene. Read more about it here.