Relevance + Creativity = Marketing Magic

It’s official.  I am on marketing BURN OUT this morning.

Monday morning seems to be a favorite time to deliver email newsletters and I subscribe to several, most of them with a marketing focus.

There is one that is GREAT!  It’s written by Roy Williams.  In his Monday Morning Memo, Roy writes:

    Relevance is what determines whether an ad works or not. Every media fails when it delivers a message no one cares about.


Roy’s newsletter is entirely focused on providing GREAT information to people like me, who make their living helping other people create marketing and advertising campaigns.

Advertising NEVER works when it’s given the task of delivering a message that isn’t relevant!

Web sites don’t work when they feasture content that is boring and irrelevant.

Newsletters get sent directly to junk mail when they aren’t relevant.

Here’s the tricky part: Relevance is determined by the listener or the visitor.

If you don’t know WHO your audience is (or if you think your audience is "everyone") then you can’t carefully craft a message that is RELEVANT to your target audience.

The message that the busy young working mother of two finds relevant may be entirely different than even the message that her mother or husband will find relevant. To break through the cacpohony of marketing message prevalent today, you have to craft a relevant message…. one that breaks through and connects with your customer.

How relevant are your marketing messages?  It’s easy to blame the messenger (a.k.a. "the media" ) instead of the message. If your ads aren’t working, trust me, it’s the message.