Web Terms You Need to Know: Landing Pages

If you’re new to marketing via the web – or even if you’re not – you may not be familiar with the web marketing term of LANDING PAGES.  However, it’s a term you should know, love and even embrace because your landing page can make or break your web site management and marketing efforts.

A LANDING PAGE is simply a page specifically designed with a purpose in mind.  It’s the first page that a visitor will see when he/she arrives at your site.  As with most of the posts I do here, this post was inspired by a horribly misdirected effort which literally broke my heart.

My story begins as I was exchanging emails with a  publisher about the possibility of me writing a book.  I’m using my Gmail to correspond with him and as I’m logged in to Gmail, my eye is magnetically DRAWN to an ad which appears across the top of my screen.  It is truly a MAGNIFICENT example of a Google Adwords.  It was short, it was pithy and it was compelling – the only “problem” is it was tightly targeted towards MD’s.  So much for my growing suspicion that Google knows EVERYTHING about me- turns out they don’t know I didn’t go to medical school.

I wish I’d copied and saved the ad before I clicked because even though I’m not an MD who wants to hire a ghostwriter, I felt compelled to click.    Yeah, it was THAT GOOD

To say I was aghast when I got there would be an understatement.  The Google Adwords author was obviously not familar with the term “LANDING PAGE” as part of his web site management and marketing efforts.  While the ad I clicked was tightly targeted to medical doctors who want to hire a ghostwriter – the page I landed upon when I clicked the ad didn’t mention ghost writing for medical professionals in any way shape or form.  It was a generic one size fits all one page web site.

This my friends is a case of someone who needs an introduction to the concept of a Landing Page.

Seth Godin is constantly banging the Landing Page Drum.  As Brian over at SEO Moz points out, a well crafted landing page can make SEO easier as well.  Obviously, the gifted Adwords writer isn’t familiar with their work.

Landing Page Basics

Hit the links above for more in depth articles on Landing Page Basics.  (Seth’s is base line – Brian’s gets more in depth from an SEO perspective).

Creating an effective landing page hearkens back to the drum I frequently pound which is “Keep Your Visitor in Mind!”

Think of your web visitor.  Who is he/she?

Chances are that your visitors is searching the web for answers.  Whether it’s proper attire to wear for Wednesday night at the bowling alley or where they can score tickets to the  Britney Spears Circus Tour – web visitors often go web surfing with a purpose in mind.

A landing page is simply a page created with that specific visitor in mind.

For example, when I launched my 8 Week Power Blog Launch product, I ran a PPC campaign and targeted the the keyword term “How To Blog.”   I then created a Landing Page for that PPC campaign which leads with the copy,  “How to Blog!

The reason being, if someone is searching for “How to Blog” I don’t want them searching high and low for the answer to their question – which is “how to blog”.

Imagine if instead of sending a web surfer to a page that leads with the term they’re searching instead I sent them to the main page of THIS blog.  Sure, there’s a nice big ad for the product over in the right hand column – but that ad is competing with lots of OTHER content here.  The visitor might get distracted by my witty banter and dry wit.  Heck, I might start blogging about Hemp Bagels again and then the reader would be magically transported back to their college days. Before you know it, they’re out searching for their friendly neighborhood drug dealer rather than worrying about their original question which was – what was it again?  Oh yeah, they wanted to know “How to Blog.”

If you think ADD and ADHD are afflictions that only exist in the classroom -guess again.  Both these syndromes are alive and well on the web.  Easily distracted humans beings NEED landing pages to focus their attention on the task at hand.

Of course, the very most BASIC element of creating a landing page is to get inside the head of your visitor – the prospective customer or client you want to reach.  Need help with that?  Pick up a copy of my book Beyond the Niche: Essential Tools You Need to Create Marketing Messages that Deliver Results


  1. Hi Kathy – that is bad. I’m betting a whole heap of folk waste money on Google Adwords and other advertising because they don’t bring folk to a page which will persuade them to take action, whether it be buy, or sign up to a newsletter or whatever.

    I clicked a Google ad for a writing competition the other day. But I couldn’t find that competition anywhere on the site. The advertiser can’t have received a single benefit from my visit. It’s crazy.

    By the way – I hope your book goes ahead. You’re an awesome writer – your blogging course is brilliant.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..Affiliate Commissions – Is Your Anti-Virus Eating Them?

  2. @Cath,

    I’m going to assign you the coveted role of “the voice of God” because I had just decided that I didn’t have TIME to dive into another book project. (I hated the up at 4:30 AM routine it took to get my LAST book into print!)

    Hugs and Smooches to you my friend! YOU ARE AMAZING!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    by golly gosh, you are amazing! This website is rocking my socks off and your posts just keep getting better. I love your new product message and ma sure you will do very well with it. Let me know if you need reviews or a link?

    Monika Mundells last blog post..Do You Need A Freelance Writing Gig?

  4. Monika,

    You have made my day!!!

  5. Great post, Kathy!

    You are absolutely right, ” a landing page is simply a page created with that specific visitor in mind.”

    At our company, we actually tailor landing pages even further by employing post-click segmentation on the first page.

    Essentially, we give the visitor simple choices to make about who they are and what they’re looking for.

    “Do you like chocolate, or vanilla?” And each subsequent page that the user lands on is more tailored to their needs and requirements.

    We like to call these types of landing pages “conversion paths”. You can find more information in this article: http://www.ioninteractive.com/articles/2007/6/4/the-anatomy-of-a-conversion-path.html

    Keep up the good work!


  6. Megan,

    WONDERFUL ARTICLE!!! Wonderful link!!!


  7. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


  8. landing page templates says:

    The best thing in business is always knowing your audience.
    Thanks for the great article Kathy.