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Kathy's world is located just north of beautiful downtown Sweetser, Indiana.
Population...well, let's put it this way...the white pages of our phone book contains 8 pages.

While Sweetser may not be a cultural mecca, it is a great place to bring up children, of which I have three. It's lack of hillbilly beer joints keeps my husband (of which I have one) out of trouble.

Sleepless in Sweetser
The maniacal rantings of the keeper of 3 insomniacs.

I just saw a Star Trek Next Generation where the crew was being prevented from entering REM sleep because of the telepathic transmissions from alien beings and as a result, the crew was going slowly insane.

Been there....Done that!

My only problem with the show was that Captain Picard was still able to operate the Enterprise despite his lack of REM sleep. This is not realistic. I was unable to successfully navigate a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird out of a school parking lot after only 2 months of REM sleep deprivation and my beloved little Sunbird, may it rest in peace, was considerably smaller and more maneuverable than the Enterprise. And surely operating a motor vehicle, which requires a license almost EVERYONE can obtain who is 16 years of age or older, requires less skill and co-ordination than commanding a federation starship.

I also didn't see any of the crew members stuffing their faces with every carbohydrate known to man to try to survive their sleep deprived state. As a matter of fact....they all looked pretty darned good for being sleep deprived. I, on the other hand, have bags under my eyes that are in a race to beat my abdomen and my chins to my knees!

I cry foul! Depict the sleep deprived among us fairly or not at all.

Meanwhile, I remain convinced that my three children have conspired through womb writings to destroy me by keeping me from sleeping . I'm sure they figure once I'm dead or insane then they can watch r-rated movies while munching popcorn and chocolate all night long.

To successfully implement their plan, they work in each of them gets adequate sleep while I teeter on the edge of insanity. My only hope is to survive long enough to be a burden on each and every one of them in my old age.

Home please!

Created circa 1995 and found on a floppy disk during a cleaning expedition 2.08.03