Time or money… which is more valuable?

Time management is coming up a lot for me lately. It’s coming up for me and it’s coming up for my clients as well.

Bruce Mohl explores this topic in depth in his article at the Boston Globe entitled: What’s worth more, your money or your time?

Philosophical considerations enter in. Some time-value calculators say a person’s leisure time has the same value as their hourly salary, or even less. Others say leisure time is far more valuable than work time, as much as two to three times hourly pay.

My favorite words of wisdom are related to the time vs money valuation.  If anyone knows the origins of this rough quote, let me know and I’ll give credit where credit is due.

In essence, the words of wisdom are as follows:

You either have a surplus of time or a surplus of money.    If you find yourself deficient in both, then you’re spending one or the other in the wrong place. 

Those words of wisdom literally changed my life because when I was confronted by them, I had to take a good hard look at my own situation.  See, I was deficient in time AND money at that point in time.  In essence, I didn’t value myself or my time.  What’s really wild is the more I valued myself, the more value others assigned to me.

Ahmed Bilal writes in Value Yourself

Get on the right track and stay on it. Value yourself and your time – not only where others are concerned but where you yourself are concerned. Where are you spending most of your time? Why? How does this help you do what you want in life? It doesn’t? Then why are you doing it?

Wow!! Talk about getting to the heart of the matter.

Ahmed also writes over at the Performancing blog and there he gives 10 Simple Rule for Online Success where he admonishes the reader to stop whining and start channeling his/her energies.

No one is better at helping you to channel your energies than Zen Habits. 18 Five-Minute Decluttering Tips illustrates the incredible power of harnessing such a small segment of time.  By focusing just five minutes each day of your time, you can LITERALLY change your life.