80% Discount To Celebrate Successful-Blog’s 3rd Birthday

For those of you who don’t know her, Liz Strauss is a MASTER of building community through blogging.

When a blogging client tells me that he or she wants to build an active and alive community with their blog,  Liz’s blog is at the top of the list.  When Liz Strauss blogs – people not only listen, they respond as well.

One of the reasons Liz is such an ICON in the blogging community is her spirit of giving.   She writes in her post, Celebrate Successful-Blog’s 3rd Birthday with me and 718 SOBs!

I’ve been putting up that list for 157 weeks of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers! In last week, I’ve combed over the SOB List. What a memorable walk that was. I got the full impact of how many blogs had grown and how many were gone.

She then lists 719 links to bloggers who have participated in her previous “celebrations”.

See, celebrations are nothing new over at the Successful & Outstanding Blog.  Liz is always looking for new ways to “celebrate” other blogger’s blogs!  For her blog’s third birthday, she’s having yet another celebration where she shines the spotlight onto other people’s blogs.  As for gifts, she wants people to bring gifts to share with all.

Due to recent reader questions, I’ve just added a whole new case study to the Fast Track to Blogging Success to make it even BETTER.  Even blogging beginners can understand how to effectively find and use the best keywords for your blog using free tools on the internet!

To celebrate the Successful-Blog’s third birthday,  from now until October 31, when you enter the code “SOB”, you’ll get 80% off  this informative eBook which looks at finding and using the right keywords for your blog.  To celebrate Liz’s blog’s third birthday, Instead of $24.95, you’ll get it for only $4.95.

Remember, enter the code SOB to get 80% off this informative resource.
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