Know what to do when someone tags you in a game of bleme.

blog memeI’ve been “tagged” in a blogging meme – or a “bleme” by Besty Wuebker of the magnificently educational and entertaining blog Passing Thru.

In the tag – Besty writes that I “can make a business lesson out of anything :)” and that was BEFORE I had posted about testicular cups and helmets in hockey and how that’s a lesson for building trust in your business! So before I begin –  a quick “lesson” on blogging memes.

Blogging Memes are simply a form of “internet memes” – used by bloggers. From Wikipedia: “The term Internet meme (pronounced /mi?m/, meem) is a phrase used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet.”

Viral videos – just another form of internet meme. Those horrid emails that promise some “payload” if you forward it to 50 friends – yet another form of internet meme.

I appears that blogs were created with  the internet’s unique ability to effectively carry “memes” in mind. When a blogger “tags” you in a blogging meme, they allow their blog to notify you of the incoming link.  Again, “static” websites can’t do this because – unlike blogs – static websites don’t easily “notify” you of incoming links.

So blogging memes are not only fun, they also help to spread “link luv” which is just ONE of the many reasons why bloggers should love them so.   However,  blog memes biggest appeal is they give bloggers a chance to connect.

Each “bleme’ or blogging meme has a pedigree so to speak.  One blogger gets an idea – starts the bleme and others who are tagged participate as well.  Each participating blogger “tags” others to keep the tree growing.   The “pedigree” of this bleme (blogging meme) includes such bloggers as Tara, Blogger Dad, Writer Dad.   It has been passed along by Patricia of Patricia’s Widsom who tagged Betsty… who then tagged me – as well as about four others.

Some blemes are complex and have “rules” to follow.  This one is simple – which is probably the reason for this particular bleme’s success.  I love Tara’s take on the “rules” of this particular bleme – she writes:

I’d really like to get to know you better. Answer these questions. Pass them on. End of.

Since most bloggers are Conversationalists (see the 3 types of bloggers), it’s not hard to see why they are a popular “device” used by creative bloggers to connect, converse and play.

On to the “meme” portion of this post…

This particular bleme has ten questions…  each designed to reveal more of the real “you” to your readers.  Here are this bleme’s questions…

1. Who is the hottest movie star?

Darn you Besty – you are such a class act!  Do I lie and name some star from before my time – or do I tell the truth. Since blogs are all about authenticity and transparency, I’m going to give my “honest” answer to question … Jason Statham.

Admittedly – watching any movie in which he appears is guaranteed to lower your IQ by at least 20 points – but I’ve found that your viewing pleasure won’t be distracted by a pesky distracting plot. You can even turn off the sound to watch without missing much too boot!

2. Apart from your house and your car, what is the most expensive item you ever bought?

A 39 foot Class A mobile home – it was a car AND a house- all in one. By the way, it’s just like a boat in the fact that the second happiest day of your life is the day you PURCHASE the RV.  The happiest day – the day you SELL it!!

The most expensive thing I ever did with said RV – back it into my house. I put a healthy dent in both on that fateful Mother’s Day.  My oldest son was “directing” me as I backed it into the driveway at the time.  Obviously “stop” was not part of his 12 year old vocabulary – while “oh shit” was!

3. What is your most treasured memory?

If I had to choose just one, I’d have to say it was our first hurricane here in southeastern Florida. We spent a week without electricity after the storm passed.  From trying cook half frozen pizzas on the grill (not a success) to playing every board game we owned multiple times- including Monopoly and Risk – we chose to view the experience as a “mini” wilderness vacation.

Life is all about choices we make and we CHOSE to enjoy that experience.

4. What was the best gift you received as a child?

The first “best gift” was my dog, a cocker spaniel named Carmel. My father was “upwardly mobile” and we moved with each promotion – but Carmel was my best friend through it all. When we finally “settled down,” my parents finally indulged my life long love of horses by providing not only horses but riding lessons, transportation to and from, boarding, etc.

Talk about gifts that kept on giving. I learned so many lessons from those animals. I trained Carmel in obedience and competed through 4-H and later on I competed with my horses.

Not only did I learn how to care for another living creature – I also learned how perseverance and dedication are an essential part of “winning” – no matter what the competition.

5. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?

I used to say “not having more children” was my biggest mistake but my children are VERY vocal in responding that three is enough for all of them.  With two of the three in college now – the oldest has her sights set on graduate school – I finally agree!

My wish for you is that you will come to realize that your biggest mistake “wasn’t” as well!!!

6. Four words to describe yourself.

Sardonic, yet caring – discerning yet accepting.

7. What was your highlight or lowlight of 2008?

Highlight: My son’s first appearance in the national finals of the combine series in January and qualifying again for the 2009 finals that July.

Lowlight(s): Dealing with the massively [over] inflated ego of said son.

8. Favorite film?

Current favs – Madagascar 2, Star Trek and Up.

Long time favs – Coneheads, Back to the Future, Fight Club, and …ugh – time to be transparent again- Idiocracy. The opening five minutes are what makes it my favorite. It’s definitely not a cinematic work of art – but as time marches on I’m afraid it may be positively prophetic.

9. One thing we don’t know.

I HATED my one and only computer programming class in college- FORTRAN!!!

10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be?

Easy – Mystique Be anyone at any time- and choose to stand out – or blend in – at will. It’s the ultimate power.

Now for the final phase of the blog meme … tagging. I’m trying to think of bloggers who are up for a game of “blog tag” who haven’t been tagged yet-

My apolobies if I missed tagging someone who wants to play.  Even if you’ve got a “serious” business blog – there’s still value in participating in blemes.  Remember – blogging is all about making connections.