Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you want to know the REAL reasons why you should be using “social media”?

Far too many people view social media marketing as a “new” phenomenon but when you strip away the shiny “technical” veneer of social media  – you’ll see that it’s just the latest “incarnation” of how human beings communicate with one and other.

Social Media Marketing works well for those companies and individuals engaged in the sales style know as “consultative” selling.  Consultative selling is  where salespeople act as problem solvers for their prospective clients/customers.  Instead of “selling” their products and services, this new breed of salesperson act as a business consultant who ultimately is selling “solutions” instead of products and services.

Social media not only allows consumers to communicate freely, it also allows businesses the opportunity to discover new ways to connect with consumers.

Even though there are more opportunities to connect than ever before,  all these choices may actually have you feeling “boxed in”.

Maybe you’re afraid of making a mistake when it comes to social media – and this is a good fear.  When a company makes a mistake in the realm of social media – the effects are long lasting.  It turns out what you don’t know CAN hurt you when it comes to Social Media Marketing.

If your company already has a well established brand – then a social media misstep may cause a bit of concern but won’t be fatal to your company.

However, you may be terrified to learn that the digital footprints left on the web are like footprints left in cement instead of sand.   What if a social media mistake is the first impression prospective customers have of you or your  business?

What do people see when they search for your products – your services -or you on the web?  If you don’t like what you see, contact Virtual Impax.