Finding Time to Blog

One of the most common laments I hear from clients is that they don’t have the “time” to create content for their blog.

Long ago, when I was involved in selling an ad agency’s services, I learned that one must “overcome” objections.  So, when I began hearing the “I don’t have time” objection from clients, I would reply with a “We always find time to do what’s important.”

After all, I didn’t have TIME to write my book… and I too don’t have “time” to post to my blog.  However, I MAKE the time.  For me, to find that time means I don’t get to watch a lot of television.  When the discussion turns to who has been voted off American Idol, I have to shrug.  When a character named “McDreamy” was mentioned one day in a conversation… I seriously thought it was the name of a character on some parody skit.  If I were blogging about the entertainment industry, then this would put a serious crimp in my content, but I don’t so it rarely comes up except in casual conversation with people I don’t know well.

But what if you’re not willing to give up television viewing?  Or…worse yet, what if you’re secretly not sure of your writing skills.  I’ve had clients who chose to hire a professional editor to review the content they create.  Is it possible that my clients are “freezing” up when it comes to writing content for their blogs?

If you find you’re freezing up when it comes to creating blog content, there is a solution which is probably more palatable than giving up watching television…. hire a ghostwriter.

For many, it’s an idea that represents the best of “out of the box” thinking.   However, you may share a sentiment echo’d on the Men with Pens’ FAQ:

Anyone can write. Why should I work with you guys?

Actually, not everyone can write. And not everyone can write well. Think of it this way: Almost everyone can run around the block. But not everyone will become an Olympic athlete. That athlete trains every day, learns new techniques and strategies, and pushes the limits of the human body to achieve the ultimate goal of a winning victory.

Professional writers are the Olympic athletes of the written word. Our goal is your success – and we’re ready to help you win the race against your competition.

Hiring a ghostwriter may be a new thought for you and your blog.  There are those who don’t feel blog ghostwriting is practical or ethical.  However, I don’t think it’s any LESS ethical than hiring a copy writer to compose your direct mail or sales letter.

By the way, the best ghostwriters will take your thoughts and ideas and return to you something that, if you didn’t know better, you’d say you had written yourself.

Rates for ghostwriters vary… and that doesn’t mean that the most expensive are necessarily the best.  A great goal is to find a ghostwriter who can compose in YOUR voice.

I have a client who spent several months “auditioning” writers.  The writer my client found can truly write in my client’s voice.  Whether the ghostwriter was the “cheapest”… I’ll never know.  My client won’t even share her email address with me.  Yes, she’s found a treasure and she wants to make sure her ghostwriter doesn’t get busy with other people’s work.  (Probably a good choice… I’ve been known to “close” more than on Virtual Assistant’s practice through referrals.)

Oh, there’s a difference between ghostwriting for a blog and blog management services.