No one else CAN do it for you

I got this in my email this morning with the subject line: This Money Making Web Site is our GIFT to you.

Sign up FREE today and receive:

    • Your very own 3 Step Super Secret traffic generating website setup for FREE !
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What’s not to love?  No risk, guaranteed profit all by revealing closely guarded secrets…. with no effort, risk or investment on my part.

I’ve been running my business for almost a decade now and the first thing that JUMPS out at me is all the FREEBIES offered.  OMG!  How can they make any money by giving so much away for FREE!!

Normally, I wouldn’t even OPEN such an email, but Thunderbird presented it to me front and center this morning. I guess the reason I even looked twice at it was that I had a call earlier this week with someone who had literally bankrupted herself by chasing these "opportunities" instead of focusing on BUILDING HER BUSINESS!!!

My youngest son went through a stage where he invested an INCREDIBLE amount of time and energy into NOT doing school work, a heck of a lot MORE energy avoiding school work than it would have taken to just do his assignements.  But he was SURE that the massive amounts of energy he was investing in AVOIDING school work would eventually pay off.  They didn’t.  (I’m as tenacious as he is….a point he failed to recognize in the beginning.)

Recognize that NO ONE is going to do the hard stuff for you.  You wouldn’t hand over your check book and your budget to a car sales man and ask him to help you afford the car he thinks is best for you, would you? 

THE REAL SECRET IS: Ideas are a dime a dozen.  Those willng to work as hard and as long as it takes to succeed are as rare as 5 carat diamonds.

If you believe nothing else, believe that no one cares about YOUR business as much as you do!  If you think someone else  is going to do EVERYTHING for you (and for free on top of it all)…. well, there’s a reality check in your future.  I hope yours doesn’t end up in front of a bankruptcy judge before you learn this lesson.