Don't know which way to turn?

As a mother of three, it's a permanent state of affairs around here. So forget about the household chores and spend a bit of time browsing through the labyrinth that is affectionately known as...

Look Out Point is a fun place, it's the home of the Beatitudes of Motherhood. 

French fry guys inhabiting your back seat? 
Don't worry, it just means you'll never go hungry!

Join the newest in recovery programs WADeRS....Women Against Donna Reed Syndrome. Why kill yourself keeping your house spotless? Women of the world unite! Join this newest revolution....only professionals should clean a house! You wouldn't perform home liposuction with a Hoover! NO! You'd go to a professional! Hire your house cleaning done! If you aren't getting paid to clean it, DON'T! And besides, you're probably not qualified under OSHA regulations.

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