Brian Gardner’s one smart cookie….

I met Brian just before the Colts went to the Superbowl.  Brian’s not only a talented Word Press blog theme developer, he’s also a Colts fan who happens to live in the heart of Chicago Bear (the Colt’s Super Bowl XLI opponent) country.    Are all great minds Colts fans, or is it just an amazing coincidence?

Anyhow, Brian has since quit his day job and struck out on his own and he’s hit the ground running!!!  Last week, he launched an affiliate program where he pays commissions on sales of his premium Word Press themes.  Yesterday, Brian has announced his own version of March Madness…. offering fabulous prizes to his top affiliates in the month of March.

The promotion works on two levels:

a) It’s a great way to promote affiliate sign ups.

Sales is a numbers game.  In affiliate programs, 20% of your affiliate will generate 80% of your sales.  The more affiliates you have, the more sales they will generate.  It’s just that simple.

b) It’s link bait.

Not only must you sign up as an affiliate to join the contest, but you must also link back as well!

GREAT JOB Brian on crafting a compelling contest to promote your new affiliate program.

Does your Word Press Latest Activity Box tell the whole story?

Most of my clients are boot strapping solo entrepreneurs who want their web site to act as a high voltage marketing tool and while their goal may be to change the world one small act at a time, they don’t see that they have the TIME to blog AND run a business.

I recently ran the visitor statistics for one such client. This client was at a function, handing out her business cards, which included her web site url. We had recently migrated her web site to the blog format so she could make frequent additions to her content. She had dutifully done so, though she wasn’t convinced of the value… until I looked at her log files.

The day of the function, her web site had a LOT of activity. This isn’t unusual, but the number of page views per visitor was. Each visitor was literally CONSUMING the information on her web site… excuse me, her BLOG. It came out to each visitor was reading, on average, 10 posts. (Note: Not ONE of these readers left a single comment on the blog!)

Shortly after the event, she began regular contact with someone she met at the event, probably one of those heavy blog content consumers. I probably don’t have to tell you that her enthusiasm for blogging skyrocketed after that conversation. Just like the person who has been faithfully exercising for weeks or months who pulls on a pair of pants that were previously too small to find they now fit… my client’s enthusiasm for blogging skyrocketed.

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