Fast Track to Blog/Newsletter Launch

A blog + a newsletter are foundation building blocks for ANY BUSINESS that wants to use the internet to marketing or promote their business.

I’ve already written a "primer" on newsletter basics.

Once you have your blog launched with a sign up for your newsletter, it’s time to get to work getting people to sign up for your newsletter.

The second toughest trick is to get people to sign up for the list.  (The toughest one is to create a newsletter that readers will actually READ!) 

The obvious first place to "fish" for subscribers is your own email contacts list. 

WARNING: I do NOT advise that you send out a mass email using Outlook or some other email client to 50, 100 or more people on the cc or even the BCC.

I do advise that you can send out INDIVIDUAL emails to the people (both in your email contact list AND those whose business cards you have collected)  to TELL them about your new blog and newsletter. To make CERTAIN it doesn’t get reported as spam, you need to send a each an personal email.

Here’s a sample email:


We met at [insert name of event] and you gave me your business card and told me to stay in touch.  If you’ll remember, we talked about [insert what you discussed at event].

I just wanted to let you know that I’m launching a newsletter to keep people just like you informed of what’s going on in the [insert activity/group/business type] community.  If you’d like to subscribe, just visit my blog [insert blog url] and you’ll see the newsletter sign up box in the right hand column.

It was great meeting you at [insert name of event].


Another great tool is to include your blog url in your signature file so every email you send is a promotion for your web site/blog/newsletter.

With this said, I STRONGLY suggest that before you issue these individual party invitations until you’ve got a LOT of choices on your "blog buffet".   Don’t send out this invitation while your blog has fewer than 10 posts. 

I often use the word picture to encourage clients to view their blog as a party at a public park.   You pick a pavillion, decorate it with balloons and streamers… and set out an impressive spread of food to delight your guests.

As guests are enjoying the food and company, you’ve provided a discreet way for them to be notified of FUTURE parties you’re having.  You provide a sign up for where people will sign up to RECEIVE the newsletter, which will act as their invitation to future events. 

The problem is, if guests arrive before the food is set out, they’re not likely to sign up to be reminded to return.  In other words, if visitors don’t see anything of interest on the blog, then they probably won’t sign up for the newsletter.  That is UNLESS you provide a legal bribe or a gift for signing up for your newsletter.  Offering a free resource of value as a legal bribe does increase your sign up rate signficantly and will help you grow your newsletter even more quickly.

Remember, visitors who subscribe to your newsletter want to know more about your products and services.  These are HOT prospects.  The more information you provide on your blog, the more subscribers you’ll find you get.  (Seems counter intuitive, but it’s true.)

Is your free blog worth what you paid for it?

I’m a HUGE fan of blogs, especially as powerful marketing tools for bootstrapping entreprenurial types.  The easy to use blog interface removes many of the barriers to web site success.  Business owners can update content easily, add reciprocal links, and even interact with potential clients/customers via the comment feature of blogs.  Blogs, in general, are merely Content Management Systems that even the most un-technically savvy business owner can use to harness the power of the internet for any business.

In response, I’ve created a site where all I do is sell self hosted blogs….and inevitably, I am asked WHY would someone PAY for a blog when they can register at or and get their very own blog for free.

For the record, I USED to recommend free blogging accounts to my clients.  I had one client who signed up for a free blog, made a few posts and then got distracted and didn’t post to her free blog account for a few months.  While doing a random check of her essential keywords, my client saw her free blogsite posts topping the list.  She was thrilled and shared her experience with me. 

As a result, I opened my own free blogging account and encouraged other clients to do the same.  After all, it made sense.  A free blog account wouldn’t suffer the "google sandbox" sentence imposed upon new sites and if a client did "fall down" in their blogging efforts, then their content could still "rise to the top" of long tail keyword searches.  With minimal cost, it seemed that free blogging accounts really were a good investment of time and effort for my clients.  They could use these free blog sites to drive traffic to their web sites.

One client to whom I made this recommendation discovered she had a real talent for blogging and REALLY went to town on her free blog.  She would blog 3-4 times a week, keeping her potential clients updated on the latest in her industry.  We included links from her web site (which was enjoying exponential traffic growth) on her site and she made frequent mention of the blog and the address in her ever expanding newsletter.

As luck would have it, this is a client for whom I perform monthly traffic analysis and after about 8 months, I began to notice that her free blog wasn’t delivering ANY traffic to the site.  (Remember, we’re talking 8 MONTHS of blogging efforts!!!)  Since the free blog account doesn’t offer the ability to track traffic, I only had one side of the story…. but the lack of incoming traffic from a blog with THAT many posts put me on alert.

So, we began an "experiment" (which is really the BASIS of good "marketing.")  We set up a self hosted Word Press Blog and my client began her regular posts on her self hosted blog rather than on the free blog. 

The very next month after launching the self hosted blog, my client’s web site was already seeing a trickle of traffic coming from the self hosted blog.  The self hosted blog wasn’t the top referrer… but it made the top 10.

There’s a great post over at Return Customer which advocates using domain based email addresses for your business instead of the FREE variety.  There’s a more indepth post at the Aweber blog communications blog.  

I’m a bootstrapper at heart and as much as I’d like to report that your time is well spent blogging on a free web site, I’m afraid the same principles which apply to free email accounts, apply to your free blog as well. 

Unlike the free email address issue addressed in the above posts, your blog posts to your free blogging account are consuming a non-renewable resource: YOUR TIME! 

See, your money…. that’s a resource which you can renew. Once you’ve spent or invested what’s in your account, you can earn, beg, borrow or steal more money.  On the other hand, your TIME can’t be replaced or renewed so easily.  You can’t earn more time on the planet.  You can’t beg and get more than 24 hours in your day. 

In my client’s case, I recommended that she invest her valuable time posting content to her OWN web site rather than posting it for’s benefit.  As a prolific blogger, it won’t be long until her blog becomes a force in her niche market.  In the mean time, she’s building content for HER site instead of building content for the free blogging site. 

After just a few weeks, her brand new self hosted blog is already doing it’s job of driving customers to her web site where they can purchase her products and services.  Since 100% of 0 is still zero, I can’t say that her self hosted blog is performing a level of X% improvement.  We went from zero to something by launching the self hosted blog. 

I’ve been searching my log files for referrals from my blogger account.  There are none, just as in the case of my client above. 

I’m open to success stories from free blog hosting accounts.  Any out there?

Buzz Worthy Blog….

According to Wired, two years ago Michael Arrington was a 35 year old former attorney and entrepreneur.  In the eyes of the media and the world, he was a "nobody".   According to the about page on his Tech Crunch Blog,  Arrington created a blog that is "dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies."

According to the Wired story, Arrington earns an estimated $200K per month from his blog and has entertained an offer of $8.5 million for the resource. 

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Unknown Territory: What do I do now?

A huge problem for all of us is when we enter unknown territory.  When we venture "outside" our comfort zone, we enter a place of uncertainty.  While there are some people who CRAVE the area "outside the known box," most of us prefer to live inside the confines of what is known and comfortable.

Yesterday, I ventured outside my know culinary boundaries when I purchased a Papaya.  I had read an article on paypaya’s health benefits and decided to try something new.  The article which recommended this exotic fruit even told me how to eat a papaya.  (Cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and eat it with a spoon.)  I really don’t know if I would have purchased the fruit without that simple how to which was included in a sidebar.

As I was scraping the seeds from the papaya, I realized that without those simple instructions, I would have been LOST!  The seeds of a papaya (at least the one I brought home) were rather soft and I’m not sure I would have known to discard them without some instruction.  (I then did a bit of research and discovered that the seeds of the papaya are used as a folk remedy to induce abortion!  WHOA! )

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Does your Word Press Latest Activity Box tell the whole story?

Most of my clients are boot strapping solo entrepreneurs who want their web site to act as a high voltage marketing tool and while their goal may be to change the world one small act at a time, they don’t see that they have the TIME to blog AND run a business.

I recently ran the visitor statistics for one such client. This client was at a function, handing out her business cards, which included her web site url. We had recently migrated her web site to the blog format so she could make frequent additions to her content. She had dutifully done so, though she wasn’t convinced of the value… until I looked at her log files.

The day of the function, her web site had a LOT of activity. This isn’t unusual, but the number of page views per visitor was. Each visitor was literally CONSUMING the information on her web site… excuse me, her BLOG. It came out to each visitor was reading, on average, 10 posts. (Note: Not ONE of these readers left a single comment on the blog!)

Shortly after the event, she began regular contact with someone she met at the event, probably one of those heavy blog content consumers. I probably don’t have to tell you that her enthusiasm for blogging skyrocketed after that conversation. Just like the person who has been faithfully exercising for weeks or months who pulls on a pair of pants that were previously too small to find they now fit… my client’s enthusiasm for blogging skyrocketed.

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