A Dog for the Family
The Perfect Pet
Of Mutts and Men
The Terrible Ten
When Less is More
Glossary of Dog Terms
Types of Breeders
Dog Personality
Dog Behavior
Little Shop of Horrors
The AKC Pure Bred
Breeding Your Dog
The Top Ten
Frequently Asked Questions


American Kennel Club offers a wealth of information about purebred dog breeds and dog ownership

Purina.com also offers a wealth of information about purebred dogs and dog ownership.

Breed Selector please use this instead of writing to me and asking me to tell you what breed of dog to get.  (The breed selector is MUCH better than I'll ever be.)

Digital Dog information packed site by dog trainer Sapir Weiss. Sapir is the source for more authors of dog books than anyone in the world. The next time you read a dog book, look for his name in the credits or dedication.